Step into Larks, where every moment is a unique blend of timeless allure and modern excitement, inviting you to a world of unforgettable experiences.


It’s all about the slide and score! Grab your tang, slide the biscuit, and immerse in a game that’s as competitive or chill as you make it. Perfect for any age, it’s a game where fun meets strategy, and everyone’s a player!

Putt Club

Welcome to Putt Club, a live-action, gamified sensory explosion of mini golf. We’ve infused tech magic and themed holes to turn each swing into an immersive adventure, elevating the classic game to an extraordinary experience.


The Larkade is a cutting-edge arcade where retro charm meets modern tech, offering a diverse gaming experience for all ages and skills. Players are welcomed into a world of high-tech, interactive entertainment, featuring a state-of-the-art collection of both nostalgic and contemporary games tailored to delight every skill level.

Game of 1,000 Boxes

"Game of 1,000 Boxes" is a live, interactive game show experience where up to 32 players tackle 12 high-energy mini-games in a whirlwind hour of teamwork and brainwork, guided by a live host. Each show is unique, offering a mix of puzzles, trivia, and action that’s easy to jump into but a challenge to master.

Obstacle Adventures

Competitive, sometimes strategic, and always fun, our gamified Obstacle Adventures are equal parts skill and thrill. Climb, run, crawl, swing, dodge, and advance with agility and precision, navigating the Obstacle Adventure's rapid pace and reactive challenges designed to test both your reflexes and strategic prowess.